Moments of Struggle (Tool)

A Method For Connecting Job Circumstance To Value Targets

The Moments of Struggle template is used with Value Target Analysis once the value targets have been identified. Like the Job Segmentor template, this is a wall and sticky note activity. The method connects the job circumstance for a customer segment with the undershot value targets. These linkages inform innovation efforts that seek to lift the perceived value of an existing product/service or to create a new offering that customers want. The value target by itself is not enough. Understanding the underlying circumstance enables innovators to design value in a very precise way for the target customer segment.

It is fitting that this method is called “moments of struggle”. This completes Richard Normann’s concept of “moments of truth” (all customer-solution touch points). Thus, “moments of struggle” are customer-product and/or customer-service interactions that cause struggle and therefore dissatisfaction with a job solution.

Download the Moments of Struggle template (PDF)

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