Customer’s Success Outcomes (Video)

Jobs Often Have More Than One Purpose

Video Transcript

When you set out to get a job done, you have certain needs in mind. These needs are satisfied when you take action to achieve your goals, avoid hazards, and resolve unexpected problems. These are your success outcomes and they represent the progress you want to make in your life or business.

For any customer job, there are three kinds of success outcomes that are possible — functional, emotional, and social. By definition, every customer job must have at least one functional success outcome to account for the result of job action. But most jobs are associated with some combination of functional, emotional, and social success outcomes.

A functional success outcome is a tangible or objective result of job action. For example, say that the job is to lose weight. The primary functional success outcome for this job is actual weight loss, which is your desired goal. Depending on your circumstance, other functional success outcomes may be increased energy, lowered cholesterol, and improved muscle tone. Functional success outcomes are objective in nature because they can be observed and measured.

An emotional success outcome is a subjective result of job action that has to do with how you want to feel or don’t want to feel. For example, emotional success outcome for the job — lose weight — could be, “Feel more confident” — “Feel more empowered” and “Worry less about your health,” a negative emotion that you don’t want.

A social success outcome is a subjective result of job action that has to do with how you want others to perceive you or not to perceive you. Social success outcomes for the job — lose weight — could be, “I’m more attractive to others” — “I look more youthful to my colleagues” and “I’m not viewed as lazy,” a negative perception that you don’t want.

So, as you can see, the success in getting a job done can be defined along functional, emotional, and social dimensions. This shows how complex and multi-layered customer jobs can be. As innovators, we are looking for important and unsatisfied needs. Now we know to look across all success outcome dimensions to discover these opportunities.

Emotional and social success outcomes are dependent on functional success outcomes. That is, they are satisfied to the extent that one or more functional success outcomes are achieved. For the job — lose weight — if you don’t actually lose weight, then you can’t really satisfy your emotional and social needs because these success outcomes depend on actual weight loss.

For many jobs, emotional and social success outcomes can have a higher priority than functional success outcomes. For instance, say that the job is to find a nanny to care for your child when you’re at work. It is very important that you feel your child is safe and properly cared for by the nanny. This emotional success outcome will weight very heavily in your evaluation of candidates.

To uncover all success outcomes, ask “why” your target customers want to get a particular job done. You may have to ask a few times. Dig into the details to reveal the story. Try to surface all functional, emotional, and social success outcomes to get a complete picture. Success outcomes are seldom obvious. That’s why asking the right questions makes all the difference!